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Part the first

My name is Peter DeGoede. I live with my wife and children in Centennial, Colorado. My education is in philosophy and the humanities. This is why I am a carpenter. If it ever happens that the Elector of Hanover offers me a position as court philosopher I might find myself traveling across the globe to ponder the great ideas of life in Hanover and—perhaps—in a powdered wig to boot. Until that day I shall continue to live and work in Centennial, Colorado.

Oh, and I love carpentry.

As a company Twin Pine Pursuits combines many of my passions including finish work, fine woodworking, remodeling and handyman services.


Furniture Refinishing

I love reusing things in new ways whether that be turning an antique steamer trunk into a bookcase or transforming an old structural beam into a kitchen bar. I am passionate about sustainable construction that combines a respect for that past with the needs of the present.



As a small operation I am able to offer quality attention to my customers. I complete all the work myself which helps with quality control.

No job is too small. Contact me today for a free quote!


Besides furniture I do trim and baseboard install as well as kitchen cabinets. I focus on an aesthetics first approach: I specialize in small changes that can transform a room.


No job is too small.

Contact me today for a free quote!

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